Our Founders

Back in 2006 and 2007 a group of friends and former colleagues began comparing notes about the quality of advice they were receiving from their financial services providers. All had complex financial pictures and were thinking actively about their financial lives and the long-term stewardship of all they had earned.

Soon, what started as conversations among a group of people with no intention of founding a wealth management firm led to the realization that the kind of firm they were looking for simply did not exist. So they decided to build it.

John T. Becker
Chairman, Eurpac Service, Inc.; former Chairman, Akai International and Beldona Stores AG
Matthias B. Bowman
Retired Vice Chairman of Investment Banking Group, Merrill Lynch & Co.; Former CEO Merrill Lynch Ventures
Reginald K. Brack
Chairman Emeritus, Time, Inc.
Daniel J. Donahue
Chairman Emeritus, Fieldpoint Private; Retired First Vice President and District Director, Merrill Lynch & Co.
Michael A. Dritz
Chairman and CEO, Dritz Enterprises, LLC; Former President and CEO, Smith NewCourt Inc.
Harvey P. Eisen
Chairman and Managing Member, Bedford Oak Advisors; Chairman, GP Strategies Corp.
Sidney E. Goodfriend
Founder, American Corporate Partners; Retired Managing Director, Investment Banking, Credit Suisse
Joseph J. Grano, Jr.
Chairman and CEO, Centurion Holdings, LLC; Chairman Emeritus, UBS Financial Services
Thomas J. Hughes
Chief Executive Officer, Gleacher & Co.; former Chairman, President and CEO, LNR Property  Corp.; former CEO, Global Asset Management, Deutsche Bank
Clark A. Johnson
Retired Chairman and CEO, Pier 1 Imports; Former CEO and Co-Owner with Jack Nicklaus, MacGregor Golf
Martin E. Kaplan
President and Portfolio Manager, KR Capital Advisors
Denis P. Kelleher
Chairman, CEO and founder, Wall Street Access
James M. Kilts
Founding Partner, Centerview Partners; Former Chairman, President and CEO, The Gillette Company
Jerome Kohlberg
Founder, Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts
David H. Komansky
Chairman Emeritus, Merrill Lynch & Co.
Kenneth G. Langone
Co-Founder, The Home Depot; President and CEO, Invemed Associates
Alain Lebec
President; GCX Advisors; Retired Vice Chairman of Investment Banking Group, Merrill Lynch & Co.
Samuel A. Lieber
President and Portfolio Manager, Alpine Woods Capital Investors
Stephen Lieber
CEO and Portfolio Manager, Alpine Woods Capital Investors
Bernard Marcus
Co-Founder, Retired Chairman and Director Emeritus, The Home Depot
Michael Marks
Chairman, NewSmith Capital Partners
Joseph H. Moglia
Chairman and CEO, TD Ameritrade
Daniel T. Napoli
Retired Senior Vice President, Global Risk Management and member of Executive Management Committee, Merrill Lynch & Co.
Robert E. Poole
Chairman, President and CEO, S&A Homes, and Poole Anderson Construction
Harold L. Purkey
Partner, Horus Investments; Retired EVP, Wachovia Convertible Securities
William A. Schreyer
Chairman Emeritus, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
John L. Steffens
Founder and Managing Partner, Spring Mountain Capital; Former Vice Chairman and Chairman, U.S. Private Client Group, Merrill Lynch & Co.
Donald Stone
Retired Chairman, Merrill Lynch Specialist Inc.; former Sr. Managing Partner, Lasker, Stone & Stern, and Vice Chairman, NYSE
Daniel P. Tully
Chairman Emeritus, Merrill Lynch & Co.
Roger M. Vasey
Retired Executive Vice President, Global Debt Markets Group, Merrill Lynch & Co.
Rodney I. Woods
Retired Chairman and CEO, McCormack Advisors International; Former President and CEO, Merrill Lynch Trust Co.