Investment Perspectives

Weekly Perspective: Summer Study Abroad

We are not going to go out of our depth to provide thorough country assessments, but instead, look at what the broad make-up of the indices and their relative performance can tell us about the future prospects of these non-U.S. markets.

Weekly Perspective: It’s Coming – Home (Prices)

It is clear that the one-time impacts from the shocks of shut-down and reopening will dissipate in the coming months. The base effect tailwind of easy comparisons from 2020 becomes a headwind of tough comparisons next year when comparing to 2021.

The Graegin Loan

For families whose wealth is comprised of significant commercial or residential real estate holdings, the Graegin Loan is an estate planning technique that can be employed post-mortem, to help avoid a “fire sale” of family assets. 

Weekly Perspective: Red Hot American Summer

All signs point to a continued surge in demand for goods, and a long-awaited recovery in demand for services. As the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, shared this weekend, the U.S. economy is “red hot”.


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