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System Requirements

Operating System Requirements
Windows 7, 8, 10
Browser that supports 256-bit strong encryption
– IE (Internet Explorer) 11 or higher1
– Firefox 27.0 or higher
– Chrome 25.0 or higher
– Safari 7 or higher
Java 8 or higher
PDF Reader (eg. Adobe PDF)2
Mac Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
Browser that supports 128-bit strong encryption
– Safari 7 or higher
– Firefox 27.0
– Chrome 25.0
Java (latest version)
PDF Reader (eg. Adobe PDF)2
Tablet and smartphone users please note, while most of the site will function normally, some
functions may not be operational on tablets and mobile devices at this time.
1 “Compatibility View” must remain in its default disabled setting. See p. 2 for more information.
2 Any compatible PDF viewer will support. For some operating systems (e.g. Mac OS X) and for some browsers (e.g.
Google Chrome) PDF viewing capabilities are available “out-of-the-box” without the need to install add

Internet Explorer1
Check that Compatibility Mode is turned on
If on, this will cause images to not appear, menus to appear out of place, and text
boxes to be distorted.
Icon location in IE 9 and 10:
con location in IE 8:
Compatibility mode on :
Compatibility mode oo:

Rapid Release Schedule
Web browsers (eg. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari), as well as Javµ and Adobe products
(Flash, PDF) are released on rapid release schedules, which means new revisions are released
between new versions of the Fieldpoint site and our application partners. Because it is unlikely that
these releases will negatively affect Fieldpoint’s openings, we do not test every release against the
site and its supporting functions. When testing µ consumer release, Fieldpoint’s Private’s Quality
Assurance teams will test the opening in the latest available version of the browser at time of the
release to ensure that the experience is optimized for that version of the browser.
Operating Systems
Unless otherwise noted, a designation of supported applies to any browser/operating system
combination that is supported by the browser vendor. All system specifications required by browser
or operating system vendors must be satissed.
Operating System Patch Releases
Due to the unpredictable and sporadic nature of operating system patches, issues relating to
operating system/browser conflicts will be handled on a case-by-case basis. When formal patches are
released by an operating system vendor that impact supported browsers, Fieldpoint Private will
evaluate any issues and/or potential workarounds within µ reasonable amount of time.
Embedded Browsers
Some popular browsers may be embedded into various online services. For example, America Online
(AOL) currently uses Internet Explorer within its desktop software application. Users should consider
these browsers to be unsupported, as we do not test them in embedded environments.
Mobile and Tablet Browsers
While most of the site will function normally on tablet computers and smartphones, some functions
are not operational on such devices at this time.

Adoption of New Browsers
Our goal is to support as many of your customers/members as possible and to help maintain security
during their online sessions. We review industry browser usage trends, browser capabilities and
security information when deciding which browsers to consider certified or supported. We also utilize
browser usage data collected by our own solutions and focus our efforts on supporting those
browsers that are most secure and have the highest market demand.
Discontinuation of Browser Support
From time-to-time, security considerations and functionality limitations may cause us to discontinue
support for certain browsers.


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