Investment Perspectives

In Focus: The U.S. Housing Market Outlook for 2022 – An Economic Cornerstone

The U.S. housing market is the cornerstone of economic growth and prosperity. With total housing spending contributing over 15% to annual GDP since the mid 1980’s (Chart 1), the market is a key contributor to economic output, household wealth, consumer spending, fixed investment, and employment. Reference note: “Residential fixed investment”…

Tax Alert: Here We Go Again?

As readers of these Tax Alerts are aware, many tax proposals and “scares” emanate from Washington which cause much consternation, sometimes prophylactic, proactive tax planning, and yet in the end do not come to fruition. The current poster child being last year’s tax law legislation that continues to flounder on…

March Market Update: The End of the Beginning

In this March Market Update, Chief Market Strategist Cameron Dawson explains that this period of volatile equities is only just beginning, as the Fed has just begun its tightening cycle. She predicts that we will see rallies based on oversold conditions, but also expects us to be stuck in this…


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