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The Crossing Point

The Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) historic run of 11 rate hikes since 2022 shook the Fed out of its most recent era of “zero interest rate policy” (ZIRP) and pushed the Fed Funds Rate (FFR) from 0.25% in March, 2022 to 5.50% in July, 2023, where it remains today.

Never Conflate a Client with a Customer

Never Conflate a Client with a Customer

Fieldpoint Private has zero customers. It never has. Never will. This, despite deep relationships with hundreds of families and the advisors they trust most, along with their philanthropic and business enterprises across America. Zero. How can that be? It’s about language and the philosophies it reveals. Stick with me. Virtually…

Why Do Banks Act Like Banks

There’s an old adage that banks are more than happy to lend money to you, as long as you don’t actually need it. In truth, while the banking industry is a popular punching bag, think about what would happen without them. Anyone who has tried to purchase a home knows…

Check Washing Schemes Are on the Rise

In today’s digital age, scams and other criminal behavior seem to garner additional news headlines every day, making careful stewardship of your digital financial security of the utmost importance. While many individuals and businesses have embraced electronic payment methods, it’s important to remember that physical checks still remain a significant…

Estate Says It Lacked Liquidity To Pay Taxes Without Loans

As appeared in “Tax Notes Today Federal,” April 16, 2023, by Erin McManus. The estate of a widow of a regional bank founder is challenging a $5.47 million estate tax deficiency arising from alleged additional unreported lifetime gifts and understated valuations, and from disallowed interest on loans to pay expenses. Carolyn…

The Benefits of a Corporate Trustee

When we think of a trustee, we think of an individual who is literally in a position of trust – this usually refers to someone managing property, authority or responsibility on behalf of others. Serving as a trustee carries with it a fiduciary obligation that may, in addition to a meaningful commitment of time, also require investment, accounting and legal expertise.

What Just Happened

Assessing the dynamics behind the banking crisis and Fieldpoint Private’s current stance. The circumstances that have driven Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank into the hands of regulators, while creating angina among the clients of numerous other banks, are still very much on the minds of private and institutional clients…

A Message to Fieldpoint Private Clients

Dear Clients, With the recent market disruptions and uncertainty, many have expressed concerns about the safety of their funds held at their banks, including Fieldpoint Private. I’m writing to assure you that, unambiguously, the circumstances we are seeing as associated with the banks highlighted in the media do not resemble…

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Life Insurance Premium Financing

Life insurance premium financing is not for everyone… but it may be for you Simply put, life insurance premium financing is a strategy where instead of using their own capital to pay the premiums, policyholders borrow the cost of the initial life insurance premiums from a lender. With sufficient collateral…

1031 Exchanges As Powerful Real Estate Investment Tools

A Practical Guide to Leverage Their Benefits and Avoid Potential Pitfalls 1031 Exchanges – A Primer 1031 exchanges are a powerful tool. For the savvy real estate investor, a 1031 exchange can reduce risk and increase diversification. In short, the investor can redeploy assets into other types/classes of real estate…

Fieldpoint Private Launches Advisor Banking Services Platform

First-of-its-kind platform provides full suite of private banking offerings to independent advisory community GREENWICH, CT – December 7, 2022 – Fieldpoint Private announces the launch of Fieldpoint Private Advisor Banking Services, a boutique private banking solution for select RIAs and their clients. This platform enables independent registered investment advisor (RIA)…


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