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Estate Says It Lacked Liquidity To Pay Taxes Without Loans

As appeared in “Tax Notes Today Federal,” April 16, 2023, by Erin McManus. The estate of a widow of a regional bank founder is challenging a $5.47 million estate tax deficiency arising from alleged additional unreported lifetime gifts and understated valuations, and from disallowed interest on loans to pay expenses. Carolyn…

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Life Insurance Premium Financing

Life insurance premium financing is not for everyone… but it may be for you Simply put, life insurance premium financing is a strategy where instead of using their own capital to pay the premiums, policyholders borrow the cost of the initial life insurance premiums from a lender. With sufficient collateral…

Whitepaper: Wealth Bomb

The dynasty trust is the mother of all planning techniques. Its benefits and potential harm require serious thought and likely some soul searching. Because it enables the passage of assets across numerous generations 100% free of estate and git tax, the dynasty trust presents the ability to accumulate wealth unlike…

White Paper: State of Change

Derek, Madonna and Martha are just three high-profile cases that represent the lengths the state of New York will go to in order to retain the tax revenue of people who try to leave.


Recently, we reviewed the estate plan of a Massachusetts client with a $50 million-plus estate. The estate plan was relatively simple and we had a lot of ideas to take it to the next level. But first things first.

The Donor-Advised Foundation

Foundations are legal entities, requiring governance including a board of directors or trustees. At least 5% of the foundation’s assets must be distributed each year.


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