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“All of the founders said that we want principled advice and counsel from advisors at a firm that has no axe to grind. We are going to do what’s right for our clients. Wherever that takes us, that’s what we’re going to do."

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Daniel Tully

Co-Founder, Fieldpoint Private and Former Chairman Emeritus, Merrill Lynch

The Beginning of a New Way

Fieldpoint Private was born from the idea of stronger firm, one focused on clients’ needs above all else. We were established in the early days of the Great Financial Crisis by 31 individuals who had led or built some of the most admired companies in the world, including Merrill Lynch, The Home Depot, TD Ameritrade, Gillette, and Time Inc. In their professional lives, they had re-shaped industries from securities to consumer goods to retailing. In their private lives they had become underwhelmed with the service quality of the major financial firms (including several they once ran) and realized that if they wanted a firm to meet higher expectations, they would have to build it.

Their firm would be boutique by design, with senior professionals residing not as a department within a large firm engaged in many other businesses, but as an independent firm fully dedicated to clients with complex needs, and the advisors who know them best.

They knew what successful families were looking for because they were living it: a combined global view of all of their assets, no matter where their accounts resided; a unified wealth strategy encompassing both sides of their balance sheets and all aspects of their lives, and an embrace of the essential relationship between the client and their trusted advisor. Today the firm they crafted serves over 1,000 client families and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and dozens of countries around the world, has earned recognition Best Private Bank in the World1, and ranks among the top 20% of U.S. banks by assets.2 Most importantly, we operate with a mandate from our founders to remain, always, true to our original purpose, and to never become the kind of firm we were designed to replace.

The founders of Fieldpoint created a video to provide an overview of the firm’s origins and explain why it was different from inception.

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1. Global Finance, 2022, 2023
2. SNL Financial

The Fieldpoint Promise

We know one size does not fit all. Our trusted bankers – and the independent wealth advisors whom they partner – guide, advise and faithfully execute unique strategies to support successful entrepreneurs, executives and business owners, as well as those navigating the responsibilities of intergenerational family wealth. We take the time upfront to understand and appreciate each client’s individual needs, objectives and expectations, and – in partnership with their trusted wealth advisor – to meet them where they are.

Our values are based around these high expectations for ourselves and our colleagues. They are simple yet important drivers that make Fieldpoint Private an exceptional firm to work with and to work for.

Our Core Values

Family Comes First

Client families, colleague families and our Fieldpoint Private family.

Contribute with Purpose

Meet clients where they are.

Inspire as a Team

Together, there are endless possibilities.

Serve with Intent

Care of our clients today and their beneficiaries of tomorrow.


We’re passionate about our work; and delivery of our Fieldpoint promise.


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