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All That Glitters is Goldilocks? The Setup for 2022

Believe it or not, November 8, 2021, marks the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV (also known as “the fourth album,” Runes, Untitled, Four Symbols, and ZoSo). The album was powered by the resentment that the band had for music critics, who claimed that Led Zeppelin’s success was “driven by…

White Paper: Painting a Picture of Philanthropy

While big foundations often make headlines, in aggregate, individuals play the dominant role in philanthropy through both monetary gifts as well as their volunteerism. Here we discuss the state of philanthropy in America, and key trends empowering the individual.

Not That 70’s Show

Stagflation is the market obsession du jour, with commentators and analysts fretting over the combination of high inflation and weak growth, making frequent comparisons to the 1970s.

And The Wind Cries Mary: The Perfect Storm for Commodities?

Today we released a new episode of our podcast, Fieldpoints of View, where I discuss the commodity landscape with Brad Klein and Bob Hyman of CoreCommodity Management. Brad and Bob are experts in the world of commodities, each with well over 30 years of experience in the asset class.

Maginot Moving Average

Even Winston Churchill, who toured the Line in 1939, wrote that the wall meant “the French cannot be surprised.” But less than a year later, in May of 1940, the French were certainly surprised.