Custom Credit Strategies

Fieldpoint Private views credit as a technique to unlock new value in the assets you own, using the most efficient means possible, in order to make new things possible in your business and, ultimately, your life. This is what it means to do lending with a wealth management mindset, and we believe you will find the approach to be very different from traditional banks.

  • Creative and strategic view of collateral, cash flows, loan types – and all of their potential combinations
  • Ability and willingness to bring together partners to realize clients’ most significant opportunities
  • Sophisticated understanding of trusts and the opportunities and limitations that accompany the assets held within them
  • Familiarity in working with control and restricted stock, as well as alternative assets
  • Experienced and adept in navigating complex business models and financial statements
  • Recognize the value of the entire client relationship; do not view credit in a vacuum


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