White Paper

White Paper: Painting a Picture of Philanthropy

While big foundations often make headlines, in aggregate, individuals play the dominant role in philanthropy through both monetary gifts as well as their volunteerism. Here we discuss the state of philanthropy in America, and key trends empowering the individual.

White Paper: What’s the Upside in a Downturn?

When interest rates and asset valuations fall together, the result for some is an unprecedented planning window. Today, as a consequence of the coronavirus and the resulting market and policy responses, we are seeing both.

White Paper: State of Change

Derek, Madonna and Martha are just three high-profile cases that represent the lengths the state of New York will go to in order to retain the tax revenue of people who try to leave.

White Paper: Squeezing the Stretch

On December 20, President Trump signed the SECURE Act. The new law, which applies to events occurring after 12/31/19, makes significant changes to the federal tax law around IRAs.